A safe environment for peers to share wisdom and advice
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We run ExecINSIGHT events to connect leaders with world class authors for ideas that make a difference. In normal times, we also run monthly peer groups for leaders in CEO, and Director Forums and support executives with 1-1 coaching. We set up in 2006 and have grown and embraced hundreds of CEOs, Chairmen, MDs, and Directors. 

Mike Wilsher

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Mike brings a wealth of experience having worked with over 150 business leaders and led peer groups for more than 10 years. Nobody understands better the impact that leading edge thinking has on leaders and their teams.

Your Producer: Franco de la Croix-Vaubois

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Franco is a specialist in the Hopin platform, a real people-person and has 25 years’ experience in the hospitality industry worldwide, working in at luxury end of the market with VIP clients. An excellent all-rounder, very well connected, expert at running events & connecting people, he also speaks 5 languages!

Your Moderators

Your Moderators will dive deep into the motivations and mindset of authors, drawing out relevant threads for you and your guests, and fielding your questions. Your guests will come away brimming with enthusiasm, full of new ideas and wanting to be part of your exclusive community.

Blaire Palmer

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Blaire is a highly acclaimed Moderator and world authority on the changing face of leadership and work today.

She brings her warmth, charm and experience as a BBC journalist,

Michael Dodd

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Author of ‘Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work’, Michael draws upon his experience as a political interviewer, foreign correspondent and expert interviewee on TV and radio programmes.

My Approach

My purpose in life, I believe, is to help business leaders become world-class and impact their communities.

Mike Wilsher

My Mission

To “garden” leaders to their potential.

My Vision

World-beating leaders making a difference to their communities.

My Values

We get together to grow stronger and go further.


  • Get honest advice and feedback
  • Discover new ways of doing things
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Be accountable


  • Benchmark and share best practices
  • Work ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ your business
  • Learn and improve continuously
  • Strengthen confidence


  • Live on purpose
  • Be all you can be
  • Impact people and the planet
  • Enhance growth and profitability

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For me, being part of Executive Foundation is about learning from some of the best people in business and sharing and solving each other's problems.

When I arrived I was facing the challenging new role of being a director in a company experiencing massive growth. Executive Foundation has given me genuine learning opportunities that are really engaging and applicable and has helped me transition from being a “do-er" manager to a real leader and somebody who can set a direction for the company.

Dougal Hawes, Business Development Director. Smartbox