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Game changers are time poor, typically. So Exec Pointers equips them fast. Pictures, infographics, articles, videos and more, share leading edge thinking in minutes.

Exec Pointers offers, in an easily searchable library, a wealth of world class content, curated from over ten years worth of working with business leaders. It’s like Google on steroids because the information has been vetted and presented to match your learning style. It’s just the best, just in time and just enough.

As a member you will hear from thought leaders and members and explore new ideas that inspire new approaches to improve your business.

This will expand your horizons, develop your skills and help you make better decisions.

Our resources enable you to access, perhaps at a later date, all the tools and ideas you hear, and to share them with your team.

Over more than 10 years a substantial library has been developed in ExecPointers.

It’s about meeting with interesting people who make me think and reflect.

When you’ve got a fairly big role in an organisation having a group of peers that aren't actually within your organisation that you can share and talk to, is really powerful actually and you realise you're not alone.  

Rachel Johnston, Director of Consultancy, National Trust