Reach your potential

Sue Porto Kevin Wiltshire 800 1 - ExecForum

Reach your potential by meeting with open-minded and ambitious business leaders.

It’s your safe place to share your challenges, test presentations or your strategy, share your learning, or brainstorm ideas. It’s your board you could never afford. You benefit from the wisdom and advice of members. They bring you experience, perspective and clarity. And you get valuable feedback on the challenges you might not otherwise explore robustly.

And we will hold you to account to see through innovations and the decisions you make. We’re close and equally invested in your success. Members call this their “secret weapon”.

We vote on who joins us to ensure you get the quality of input you deserve.

It’s no wonder you reach your potential with us.

It’s about meeting with interesting people who make me think and reflect. 

When you’ve got a fairly big role in an organisation having a group of peers that aren't actually within your organisation that you can share and talk to, is really powerful actually and you realise you're not alone.  

Rachel Johnston, Director of Consultancy, National Trust