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Keeping in touch. Staying ahead of the curve.

Catherine French 2 800 - Alumni Exec Forum

You’ve been a member and no longer need monthly input, but would appreciate meeting your like-minded friends. As an invited Alumni member, you can meet 3 times a year for dinner, an optional overnight stay, and then hear our speaker the next morning.

It will be fun, keep you in touch and mean you stay ahead of the curve.

Membership is by invitation only.

ExecFORUM Alumni Details

Restaurant at Calcot Manor - Alumni Exec Forum


We meet at Calcot Manor at 6 pm for drinks, have dinner together in a private dining room, then you can stay overnight (at a discounted corporate rate) , have breakfast and join the ExecFORUM to hear the speaker.

  • 20/21-Oct-21
  • 9/10-Feb-22
  • 22/23-Jun-22


Your investment of £200/month for the year, gives you 3 events including dinners. If you choose to stay overnight, bed and breakfast is for you to settle up.


The strength of our collaborative, open and challenging environment is your commitment and that of all your peers. In particular, we ask that you:

  • Maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Attend all Forums. If you cannot make a Forum, you are welcome to send someone from your company for the Workshop. Your monthly membership fees are still due.
  • Keep to the Forum Ground Rules we agree.
  • Vote on new members.
  • Introduce one new member.
  • Give three months notice of ending your membership.
  • Pay your fees at the start of each month by direct debit. (All other forms of payment will be charged at a handling fee of £50/month).

It’s about meeting with interesting people who make me think and reflect.

When you’ve got a fairly big role in an organisation having a group of peers that aren't actually within your organisation that you can share and talk to, is really powerful actually and you realise you're not alone.  

Rachel Johnston, Director of Consultancy, National Trust