The Executive Foundation offers a safe environment for open-minded and ambitious business owners to develop their skills, explore ideas and make better decisions to grow and become better leaders.

We meet monthly for a Masterclass and Mastermind. To expand your horizons with the latest thinking and insights from leading-edge speakers, and to exchange wisdom, perspectives, feedback, advice with business leaders like you.

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One day a month, two powerful sessions that drive growth with a firm focus on profitability.

It’s a unique learning environment to enhance your skills. Members offer a wide range of experience-based perspectives and feedback to bring clarity to your decisions. It’s a guaranteed time to spend working on best practice for your business and benchmarking it against those of your peers.

You will be inspired to live on purpose, to build your confidence, and to reach your full potential.

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It’s about meeting with interesting people who make me think and reflect. 

When you’ve got a fairly big role in an organisation having a group of peers that aren't actually within your organisation that you can share and talk to, is really powerful actually and you realise you're not alone.  

Rachel Johnston, Director of Consultancy, National Trust