An opportunity to grow your business online

Invite your guests to meet world-class authors at highly interactive monthly online events and engage with ideas that make a difference.

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Our innovative and engaging online events replicate the in-person experience using a professional moderator to ensure meaningful engagement with the speaker for you and your guests.

Following the speaker, you meet with up to 9 hand-picked guests at a virtual Private Table to discuss your fresh insight from the speaker and resolve their business challenges.


You and your guests can use ExecPOINTERS to see, watch or read a summary of the book in minutes.
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Each guest receives the author’s audiobook prior to the event.
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All event marketing, booking, payment and ticketing is managed by us.

It’s an entire package for you, your guests and their teams to connect with world-class authors and ideas that make a difference.

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Authors and Audiobooks by Penguin

Penguin Connect bring their portfolio of world-class authors curated around three themes: looking in, looking out, looking ahead.

Penguin recommend authors and books based on their relevance to you and your business leaders, their ability to communicate and their availability. As hosts you influence which authors you meet.

I am delighted that we are giving leaders the opportunity to engage with Penguin’s expert authors to hear first-hand the ideas at the centre of their bestselling books.

Chloë Johnson-Hill, Director, Penguin Connect

Key Reasons to Join Us

  • Meet world class authors
  • Build your business
  • Build your profile as leading-edge
  • Earn more, earn via subscriptions

Delivering Engaging Events

Much, much more than a webinar….

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Produced & Directed by Catherine French

Global Event & Conference Producer

Catherine specialises in VIP high profile speaker production, having worked with heads of state, royalty and CEOs the world over. She takes care of all the detail, ensuring our events run like clockwork, including pre-event briefings for you, prepping the speaker and moderator, and managing our technical team.

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Moderated by Blaire Palmer

Author, Speaker, Moderator

Blaire is a highly acclaimed moderator and world authority on the changing face of leadership and work today.

Combining her warmth and charm with her experience as a BBC journalist, Blaire will dive deep into the motivations and mindset of authors, drawing out relevant threads for you and your guests, and fielding your questions. Your guests will come away brimming with enthusiasm, full of new ideas and wanting to be part of your exclusive community.

Hosting Your Event

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Your Subscription

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Mike Wilsher

Founder and CEO, Executive Foundation

Mike brings a wealth of experience having worked with over 150 business leaders and led peer groups for more than 10 years. Nobody understand better the impact that leading edge thinking has on leaders and their teams.

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