Inviting Your Guests

We provide ideas and templates to make inviting your guests effective & easy.

Your guests are invited by you, meet you when they arrive, and share in your Group Session before they leave.

To reinforce the exclusivity of your event, you will want to mention that invitations to Meet the Author, then Group Discussion are by your personal invitation, and by no other route.

This means that a call is better than a text; a text is better than an email. And an email ought never be sent to a group.

And your message ought to highlight the reason why, amongst all your clients, you have invited your guest – they are special; they will join your exclusive community; they will meet your world class author; they will meet your other guests; they can network with other invitees.

You can also offer that your guests invite their team at their cost.

Choose who you invite from your:

  • Clients
    • Existing
    • Past
    • Prospective
  • Suppliers
  • Team
  • Friends

We leave pricing to you so they fit with your existing prices.


WE provide you with images of the author, the book cover and the event page.


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ExecPOINTERS let your guests see, watch or read about a book in minutes. This way they can see the value in accepting your invitation, and perhaps inviting people in their team.

And it can become really useful as a:

  • Library of world class insights
  • Quick swot
  • Summary of take-aways

For our coming events

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