Membership Terms

Do you meet our criteria?

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  • You lead within your company
  • You will add value to members
  • You welcome the challenge and will challenge us
  • You are ambitious and hungry to learn
  • You will honour confidential information
  • You will be committed to members by attending Forums each month
  • Members are happy to have you in the room

If you do, you are invited to experience this unique learning environment to enhance your skills. When you come, members will use these criteria in voting on whether to invite you to join. This is how we maintain the board you could never afford.

Which Forum is Best for You?

You will get the most from exchanging wisdom and advice with other business leaders like you. If you employ more than 25 people, visit our CEO Forum. And if you employ less than this, and more than 10 people, visit our Directors Forum.

Your Commitment

The strength of our collaborative, open and challenging environment is your commitment and that of all your peers. In particular, we ask that you:

  • Maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Attend all Forums and 1-1s. If you cannot make a Forum, you are welcome to send someone from your company for the Workshop. Members would prefer to keep the Sounding Board exclusive.Your monthly membership fees are still due.
  • Give notice of changes to your coaching attendance within two working days or any arranged session will be chargeable.
  • Keep to the Forum Ground Rules we agree.
  • Vote on new members.
  • Introduce one new member.
  • Give three months notice of ending your membership.
  • Pay your fees at the start of each month by direct debit. (All other forms of payment will be charged at a handling fee of £50/month).

Your Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied after attending your first 3 months of membership, you will be entitled to a full refund!

Your Investment

The Barn at Calcot Henry Room Boardroom - Membership Terms

Your investment in growing to become the best leader you can be gives you 9 Forums, 1 Recess, and monthly 1-1 coaching sessions plus calls when you need them; access to advice on ExecPointers – our library of the best business tools – and access to members and our trusted experts.

£1,200/month plus a joining fee of £825.

£825/month plus a joining fee of £825 without coaching.

Funding grants are available from Business West for 40% of your investment.


By arrangement – £250/hour