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Mike Wilsher
17 February 2020
Executive Foundation Blog: Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new Executive Foundation website and say goodbye to ‘feeling lonely at the top’.

If your role as the owner of a growing business ever keeps you awake at night, what do you do? Do you have access to a trustworthy peer group for honest discussions and reliable advice as well as the latest business thinking?

We are a group of ambitious leaders who meet regularly at Calcot Manor. In a confidential environment we solve problems and share ideas, best practices, experiences and advice. We also host high calibre inspirational speakers from a business background who bring us the latest business thinking.

As a great person you can become a great leader by working on yourself, your leadership and your business to enhance growth and profitability. Research reflects our own experience that executives who set aside time to exchange best practices and work on their businesses experience dramatically superior results.

Our support comes in a number of forms and is tailored to the needs of busy leaders. Our Masterclass and Mastermind Forum, two powerful sessions, take place one day a month. Coaching sessions are more ad hoc and one to one, designed to help individuals resolve specific challenges. Also available is the fifteen minute phone call, whenever the need arises. Exec Pointers is an online resource of curated material in pictures, infographics, articles, videos and more, tailored to the needs of busy leaders. The annual recess takes place over three days and is a time to reflect, plan and prioritise.

New members are most welcome and are invited to join us free of charge for a day to enjoy a delicious lunch and experience for themselves that trouble shared is trouble halved.

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